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I've been making lotion for about 10 years. My youngest daughter has eczema and we've spent lots of time and money going to the dermatologist. She always wanted to be like her big sisters and wear lotions from name brand stores. So, I decided to try my hand at making her something that she could use that would give her the smell of the big brands without the harm. I stayed up endless nights searching for what would work for her. I was absolutely sure of two things: MY products had to be natural and MY products needed to smell good. What we discovered was, my products cleared her skin up remarkably. 

Well, like many of you when the world shut down in 2020, I found myself with an over growth of lavender and rosemary. Thinking about what I could do, I decided to try my hand at entrepreneurship, hoping the world would love my products as much as we do.


Luv-Lee Naturals offers natural skincare products that not only smell amazing but are full of moisturizing healing ingredients. Luv-Lee Naturals products are geared towards people with sensitive skin but anyone can use them

Beauty Products
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Our vision is to change the relationship people who suffer from eczema, dry and sensitive skin have with their skin. We want everyone to have options of products that are healing/moisturizing but also smell amazing.

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